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    Welcome To The Re-Launch of Our Website BeadTwins.net!

    We are so excited for you to see our finished product. I would like to give credit were credit is due so here it is. Our beautiful vibrant free flowing logo has been designed by bootcampdesigner.com.

    Our web-design by the amazing talented riwebgurus.com. I am very proud to be able to show off their hard work!

    Who are we, we are Bead Twins, Lauren and Kristen owning this Rhode Island based business.

    Being twins is an especially close relationship with a sibling. We have a strong bond and have many similar tastes and creative aspirations. We firmly believe our clients are an intricate part of our creative process. We always take into account the mood the client would like to create along with the colors and materials they would like to incorporate. With this joint effort we will create a unique and special item for each and every client.

    It is our goal to incorporate natural and recycled materials into each piece we create.

    Whether it be re-purposing a watch face or utilizing vintage beads and findings or taking Grandma's beloved necklace and re-working it to have a more modern feel. While each piece may not be comprised of totally recycled or vintage material we believe in re-purposing materials as much as possible. Not only to improve our environment, but also to bring new meaning to otherwise mundane materials. We support our local small businesses as much as possible in purchasing our supplies.

    We welcome special orders on all of our items!

    We do not limit ourselves to the items you see on our website as our next unique item is still in the mind of our Clients! Bead Twins aspire to bring out the inherent beauty every women posses by designing unique items for every occasion specializing in Bridal Party Jewelry. We also have our items in local boutiques, gift shops and upscale consignment shops around Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts. We are always looking for new venues to showcase our art.

    We host online truck shows to benefit charitable organizations, donating 20% of the gross sales to the charity upon completion of the campaign. We also design runway jewelry for fitness events and fashion shows.

    We look forward to bringing you instructional videos and down-loadable instructions for creating your own beautiful piece.
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